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These playing cards are tied to the story of the Dire Multiverse, and they're beautiful!

We're a tiny team, creating things we love. This is a passion project for us.

Representation and diversity are important to us, so our royal courtiers are a spectrum of color.


The double decks come with one deck each of these two backs.
The playset will come in PDF format only.
Anyone who pledges for the RIOT OF COLOR playset will be given a choice between two possible covers.


1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, now with the third joker also included!

Do your eyes delight? Does your imagination stir? We'd love to keep you up to date on all of our upcoming projects! There are several ways we can keep in touch with you:

Come join us in the Multiverse!

Special thanks to:

  •  DIStudios for all their magnificent artwork on the poker deck (especially Adrian, whose patience is without end).
  •  Everyone at Games Omniverse who is working on this massive project.  (Curtis Bisbee, Andre Bissonnette, Autumn Frazee, Daniel B. King, Josh Lilly, Alison J. McKenzie, and Jason Mellott). What a great team we make!
  •  Jason Olsan at Protagonist Industries for partnering with us on our Home by Dark playset.
  •  Angel Leigh McCoy is the creative force behind the Dire Multiverse setting, including the "Dire Multiverse” audio drama, the Danika Dire video game (in production), and various works of fiction to come.

Available Rewards:

$35USD + Shipping


Best price offered! Get the complete double-deck set!


  • Double-deck set includes one each of the Summer and Autumn decks.
$60USD + Shipping


Pay only wholesale prices when you buy six at a time. Great for gifting or reselling. Choose all six with the same back or a mix of both backs.


  • Six decks, bulk purchase at wholesale rates.
$19USD + Shipping


You'll receive a single deck. You choose which back you want,


  • One deck with your choice of green or red back.
$50USD + Shipping

Uncut Sheet!

Several people have requested the chance to get an uncut sheet of the cards! Choose this pledge level if an uncut sheet is all you want. Or add $40 to your other pledge to receive one! They will also be available as an add-on at the end of the kickstarter.

$65USD + Shipping

For Collectors!

Receive 2 double-deck sets at a 10% discount. One set to use and one set to proudly display with the other decks in your collection!


  • 2x Double-deck set includes one each of the Summer and Autumn decks.

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